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  1. My Cowboys And Aliens review. (I’ll try to make it short)

    First of all, I was skeptical to say the least about this movie. I mean, cowboys….and aliens? I’m all about different but I was still a little nervous. Diane, one of my co-workers and I have been talking about this movie for a while and she finally saw it. She rushes up to me at work “It was so good!” and runs away. So, we made a date(she was quite willing to see it again). 

    So, I’ll start off by saying the concept worked quite well. One concern was that seeing a man in a cowboy hat and chaps firing a double barrel pump-action shotgun at an alien in the wild west would throw me entirely off. It never once seemed like someone stuffed two completely different movies together and shoved them in the same era. Any movie with people running around shooting is on my list of things to watch. It was an action-filled 2 hours. 

    Daniel Craig Let me just start by saying that I had almost forgotten how huge my crush on Daniel Craig is. First of all, the first scene alone was enough to make me remember(he actually tackles a man off of a horse. JUMPS and TACKLES a man). The character choice, however wasn’t too much of a stretch. He plays the quiet, serious, harsh-when-necessary, loner Jack Lonergan; similar to James Bond. He nails his one liners and plays “I’m surrounded by idiots” quite well. Oh, and he takes off his shirt. Quite a beautiful site. 

    Harrison Ford plays the talkative, “badass” Colonel, Woodrow Dolarhyde. What he lacks in ass kicking, he makes up for in shooting and demeaning everyone from his son to a chief.

    I can’t say a whole lot about Olivia Wilde without giving anything away but her performance was good. Nothing too intense or hard to pull off. She was gorgeous as always. 

    But: I’m still not sure why the aliens were there for what they came for. Also, I felt like the movie was rushed. Even the emotional moments came and then BAM they were over. Never really had the time to actually feel the emotion they were conveying. 

    All In All: Good. I probably wouldn’t go see it again but it was worth the first visit. If only to make sure it didn’t suck. 

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